The community you are staying in, The Villas at Seven Dwarfs Lane, is one of the best maintained and safest communities we have found. This is due in no small part to the Homeowner’s Association that runs the community and the rules and regulations they have set forth in an effort to provide a community that is safe and beautiful that can be enjoyed by all who visit.

As a renter with Dreams Villas of Orlando, Inc. you agree to follow all rules and regulations set forth by The Villas at Seven Dwarfs Lane Homeowner’s Association. Below is a list of the regulations as they apply to you, our renter, as they are presented in the association’s by-laws. Please take some time to make yourself familiar with these rules and regulations:

Children. Children will be the direct responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, including full supervision of them while within the Condominium Property and including full compliance by them with these Rules and Regulations and any other rules and regulations of the Association. Playing shall not be permitted in any of the hallways, stairways, elevators, lobby areas, parking garages or roadways. All children under thirteen (13) years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult when entering and/or utilizing the recreational facilities.

Use of Common Elements and Association Property. The Common Elements and other Association Property shall be used only for furnishing of the services and facilities for which they are reasonably suited and which are incident to the use and occupancy of the Units. The Common Elements shall not be obstructed, littered, defaced, or misused in any manner. In no event shall any Unit occupant place, or permit the placement of, any item which obstructs, or otherwise impedes access to, any portions of the Condominium Property which are either designated or used as delivery and receiving areas.

Nuisances. No portion of the Units, Limited Common Elements or Common Elements shall be used, in whole or in part, for the storage of any property or thing that will cause it to appear to be in an unclean or untidy condition or that will be obnoxious or unsightly to the eye; nor shall any substance, thing, or material be kept on any portion of the Units or the Limited Common Elements appurtenant thereto that will emit foul or obnoxious odors or cause any noise or other condition that will or might disturb the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, or serenity of the occupants of surrounding properties. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on in any Units, Common Elements, Limited Common Elements or other portions of the Condominium Property, nor shall anything be done therein which may be or become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to any Owner. In particular, during the hours from 11:00 p.m. through 8:00 a.m. no Unit occupant shall play (or permit to be played in its Unit or on the Limited Common Elements or Common Elements) any musical instrument, phonograph, television, radio or the like in a way that unreasonably disturbs or annoys other Unit Owners or occupants. Additionally, there shall not be maintained any plants, animals, devices or things of any sort whose activities or existence is in anyway noxious, dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant, or of a nature that may diminish or destroy the enjoyment of the Units, or any other portions of the Condominium Property. No outside burning of wood, leaves, trash, garbage, or household refuse shall be permitted within the Condominium Property. No activity specifically permitted by this Declaration shall be deemed a nuisance.

Outside Items. No rubbish, garbage, refuse or trash shall be kept, stored or allowed to accumulate on any portion of the Condominium Property, except within designated trash receptacles. No linens, clothing, household fabrics, curtains, rugs, or laundry of any kind shall be hung, shaken, dried or aired from any windows, doors, terraces or other portions of the Condominium Property. No articles shall be placed on terraces or similar areas.

Firearms. The discharge of firearms within the Condominium is prohibited. The term “firearms” includes “B-B” guns, pellet guns, and other firearms of all types, regardless of size.

No Improper Uses. No improper, offensive, hazardous or unlawful use shall be made of the Condominium Property or any part thereof, and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction there over shall be observed.
Hazardous Substances. No flammable, combustible or explosive fluids, chemicals or other substances may be kept in any Unit or Common Elements, except such as are generally used for normal household purposes. No electric, gas, charcoal or other cooking devices, or outside cooking, is permitted.

Play Equipment, Strollers, Etc. Bicycles, tricycles scooters, skateboards, and other play equipment, baby strollers and similar items shall not at any time be left in or on the Common Elements of the Condominium (terraces and patios), except for those areas specifically designated by the Association as a storage area for such items.

Parking and Prohibited Vehicles. No person shall park any vehicle so as to obstruct or otherwise impede ingress or egress to any parking spaces. Parking in the Condominium shall be restricted to private automobiles and passenger-type vans, jeeps, pick-up trucks not exceeding three-quarter ton, motorcycles and motor scooters (all of which are collectively referred to herein as “vehicles”). The Board shall have the authority to prohibit any vehicle, including any motorcycle or motor scooter, which it determines constitutes a nuisance due to its noise level, particularly where such vehicle is operated in the early morning or late evening hours. No vehicle is permitted on the Condominium Property which leaks oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid or other fluids. No occupant or other person shall conduct repairs or restorations on any motor vehicle, or other vehicle, or race the engine of any vehicle, upon any portions of the Condominium Property. Up to two (2) motorcycles or motor scooters may be parked in a single space, provided, however, that in no event shall a motorcycle or a motor scooter be parked in the same parking space as another vehicle or between any parking spaces.

Subject to applicable laws and ordinances, any vehicle, boat, motorcycle or trailer parked in violation of these or other restrictions contained herein or in the Declaration may be towed by the Association at the sole expense of the owner of such vehicle. The Association shall not be liable to the owner of such vehicle for trespass, conversion or otherwise, nor shall it be guilty of any criminal act, by reason of such towing and once the notice is posted, neither its removal, nor failure of the owner to receive it for any other reason, shall be grounds for relief of any kind. An affidavit of the person posting the aforesaid notice stating that it was properly posted shall be conclusive evidence of proper posting.

Rules and Regulations. Every occupant shall comply with these Rules and Regulations as set forth herein, any and all rules and regulations which from time to time may be adopted, and the provisions of the Declaration and the By-Laws of the Association, as amended from time to time. Failure of an occupant to so comply shall be grounds for action which may include, without limitation, an action to recover sums due for damages, injunctive relief, or any combination thereof.

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